What is so special about the duckling movement?


You like computer games?

You’re keen on science fiction?

You want to live in the world of the future?

Congratulations! You are a prospective duckling!

What do ducklings do?

There are various rumours about this.
Some say the ducklings are a group of online computer game players; others argue that they are young humanities scholars; still others think they are a secret sect who decided to assume control over the world; still others are sure that the ducklings are slow bellies from Moscow hanging out at swanky restaurants; still others believe they are pirates, hackers and bot owners; still others are convinced it is a private club. There are even thoughts that they are aliens, or that the ducklings don’t exist at all – they are a hoax.
To cut it short, if you want to know, just try it out.

What advantages will you have after joining the ducklings?

The ducklings have access to some exclusive information.Upon registration, a duckling begins in Category 4 embarking on a meteoric career.The higher the rank, the more privileges and more information they have access to.

Ducklings take part in various events which are nearly inaccessible for non-ducklings.The ducklings attend international game exhibitions and take part in by-invitation-only presentations.

The ducklings are colonizing Iceland. A city of gamers has been under construction there since 2012. It is waiting for new residents!